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Erin Kinsey, Lead Designer

About Erin Kinsey


Erin Kinsey, Lead Designer of Artisan Moss

Erin Kinsey was born and raised in Northern California. First of all, the spectacular nature and wildlife of the Sierras and Coastal Range have driven her passion since childhood. While attending California State University, she spent equal time working as a landscape designer, muralist and fine art restorer. She came to the realization that, in this digital age, we underestimate the importance of maintaining a connection with nature. After graduation, her emphasis on graphic design led to the creation of Artisan Moss.

Erin's Unique Style as Lead Designer & Owner of Artisan Moss

While living walls have become popular, their ongoing maintenance makes them less than ideal. In seeking a solution, Erin consequently experimented with a variety of botanical materials with the goal of creating living works of art for indoor display. With inspiration from contemporary environmental artists such as Azuma Makoto and Andy Goldsworthy, Erin Kinsey has finally found a style uniquely her own that integrates the ultimate source of inspiration: her love of nature. Working with the philosophy of be the change you wish to see, she began crafting individual works of art that bring the outdoors inside. Each piece is an original work of art - no two are identical.

Why We Started Artisan Moss

We began over 10 years ago in Northern California working with plants in landscape design. This passion led us to finding a simplified solution for adapting our plant designs into moss walls and other green wall art for home or office. Read our full story here.

Erin Kinsey Artisan Moss

A Unique Twist on Botanical Art.

After quite some time of experimenting and research in the studio, we have developed beautiful and easy-to-care-for botanical art. Along the way of refining our process, Artisan Moss was born.

Moss Art at any scale.

Through trial and error we discovered that we needed to eliminate many of the challenges with traditional living walls. By preserving our moss and other plants, the unique works from the Artisan Moss studio don't require the same tedious maintenance, excessive watering or complicated lighting requirements. Rather, we make it easy to enjoy nature’s beauty effortlessly. More details about our plant paintings here.