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Plant Paintings

What is a Plant Painting?

Artisan Moss Plant Paintings® are unique moss art creations for your home or office. Lead Designer, Erin Kinsey, and her team use natural botanical materials including moss, ferns, branches and wood, creating custom designs that allow you to liven up your space with natural elements from the outdoors.

More Details about our Plant Paintings

We use sustainably sourced and naturally preserved moss, ferns and other plants. Our plant paintings are virtually maintenance free! Preserved plants don't need the care and maintenance of live plants, yet they stay green and look just like live plants. In fact, our preserved plant paintings look so real, it's hard to tell the difference between preserved moss art and a living wall. This makes our moss art an easy alternative to a living wall or other live plant art installation. Browse our image gallery to see the possibilities.

At Artisan Moss, we set ourselves to the highest standards of service, care, quality and craftsmanship. If you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed here or on our FAQ page, please contact us!

Artisan Moss art detail

Preserved Moss & Plants

  • All plants are 100% preserved REAL plants, never synthetic. Our plants look and feel alive with soft textures, flexibility and vibrant colors, maintaining their natural details and shapes.


  • They don’t require water, sunlight or chemicals and don’t attract insects. Since they are preserved, they also do not produce pollen or spores.
  • Artisan Moss plants are preserved with a safe, UV-resistant solution.
  • Moss and plant materials used are all sustainably sourced in the United States; every aspect of production is conducted in the United States by us.
  • Every panel is constructed on CA Rated fire-resistant substrate.
  • Our wooden frames are handmade entirely out of locally reclaimed lumber. Other frame options are available. Ask us for details.
Artisan Moss frame sizes

Standard Moss Art Sizes & Weights

  • Framed plant paintings are available in any size 12” x 12” or larger. We also offer these standard sizes:

SMALL: 12”x 12” / 12″x 24″ / 18”x 18” / 12″x 36″
MEDIUM: 24”x 24”
LARGE: 40″x 18″
XLARGE: 70″x 36″


  • Custom sizes for moss wall art and moss walls are also available.
  • Multiple framed pieces or panels can be connected to cover a larger area.
  • Our moss art is lightweight! A 72”x 36” panel weighs only about 30 lbs.
  • We include hanging hardware with our pieces. Commercial flushmount hanging systems are also available.
Custom green wall by Artisan Moss

Custom Moss Walls & Pieces

  • Our studio services range from initial conception to the installation of the final piece, providing unique design solutions from start to finish. If there is something you’d like created, we can work with you! We offer excellent designer collaboration and customer service.


  • Custom designs are also available across multiple panels. Price is determined by project scope.
  • Lead time will vary depending on scope of order and our current production load.
  • For convenience or time-sensitive projects, we offer a flushmount commercial hanging package.
  • We can produce framed or frameless (zero edge) panels built to any configuration as specified by the client.
  • We also customize letters, numbers and simple or detailed shapes.