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2022 Was Mossy & Beautiful | A Year in Review

January 04, 2023 2 min read

Moss walls in 2022

2022 was filled with the gift of mossing and creating! Collaborations with residential and commercial clients from all over the world allowed us to produce some truly awe-inspiring installations. 

We also want to take a moment to acknowledge our wonderful clients that continue to support our craft and our mission and our talented team of Artisans that creatively bring the vision to life.

Enjoy this look back at some of our favorite moss walls from 2022. 

Thank you,

~ The Artisans


Venture Capital Firm Invests in Greener Offices

It's hard to capture the scale of this remarkable moss wall installation! We incorporated multiple layers of moss and ferns from the floor to ceiling on this entire pathway to create a dramatic and fully immersive nature experience. 

Greener Offices ideas - venture capital firm

Lobby Luxuriates in our Moss

A stunning floor to ceiling moss wall with a vibrant, playful neon sign creates an inviting backdrop to this delightful lobby space.

lobby with moss wall art

A Pharma Giant Goes Green!

This office space was transformed by this larger than life preserved moss installation. We incorporated soft bun mosses with a variety of ferns all preserved requiring no water or irrigation to retain its beauty. Warm backlighting brings dimension and draws the eye.  

pharma tech space with moss wall


A Tech Company in the Bay Area creates a Botanical Experience

Rather than one moss wall, we designed separate moss & fern square panels and installed them throughout the main floor enveloping all who visit with the warmth of nature. We love the contrast of the soft plant paintings against the stark, red brick.

offices with moss walls to bring in nature

As nature enthusiasts, we love to see businesses prioritizing the infusion of nature in their space, because we know this creates a more positive environment with endless benefits for our mood and overall wellbeing. 

Can we help you add some nature to your space in 2023? Contact us to learn more!

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