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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered below please contact HERE. Living walls are popular, but their upkeep and longevity is seldom viable. Artisan Moss has developed a simplified solution for turning green walls into effortless indoor art. How do we do it? Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. 


A living wall is beautiful, but requires a lot of work to keep it so! Artisan Moss Plant Paintings are virtually maintenance free. Because our plants are naturally preserved, our pieces do not require water or light, so they can be used in areas without daylight, like wine cellars. There’s no insects, expensive grow lights, fertilizer or chemicals… No onsite plumbing or reinforced walls! Just hang them and enjoy.

All of our plants are 100% naturally preserved with a UV-resistant solution and will not grow. They do not require water or light.

There isn’t much difference at all in the look and feel between the two! Our preserved mosses maintain the soft textures, flexibility and vibrant colors of live moss, keeping the integrity of their natural details. The difference is in what it takes to keep it looking so fresh - with preserved moss there is almost zero upkeep!

We try to keep a small carbon footprint, and only use sustainably harvested mosses from within the U.S. We get our ferns locally, or we grow them ourselves. All our branches and rocks are sourced locally. Our wooden frames are handmade entirely out of locally reclaimed lumber. We put a lot of effort into keeping the materials used in our work as close to home as possible! Every aspect of production is conducted here in the United States by us.

Our pieces are lightweight. For example, a 72” x 36” panel weighs approximately 30 lbs. Plant Paintings are available in any size 12” x 12” or larger. Multiple panels can be connected to create large pieces.

All of our pieces are intended for indoor display only. Direct sunlight, high humidity or contact with water will compromise their look and lifespan. Indirect light is perfectly fine. But again, direct sunlight is not recommended and will shorten the lifespan of your Artisan Moss wall art as well as change its vibrant colors.

So here's where a minimal amount of care comes in! Like anything in your home or office, over time it will collect dust. You can simply use a can of compressed air (used for electronics and found at many major retailers) to blow the dust off every six months to a year.

Not at all! No complicated maintenance. No expensive grow lights, fertilizer or chemicals. No onsite plumbing required. No reinforced walls required. Our plant paintings are a great solution if you don't have much of a green thumb, are constantly on the go and don’t have the time to commit to a living wall, or you just want something beautiful and green to effortlessly enrich your indoor space.

Yes! We offer custom sizes and a variety of plant materials if you have something specific in mind. A choice of frame colors, frame finishes or a lower frame profile is also available by request. We are happy to accommodate a frame you have. Let us know the size so we can send you a price quote. You would then need to ship your frame to Artisan Moss. Please contact us with your request Here. Just ask us!

Our studio services range from initial conception to the installation of the final product. We are accustomed to working with individual clients, architects or entire creative teams within private, public or corporate settings, providing unique design solutions from start to finish.

We are not offering wholesale pricing at this time. If you are an interior designer, feel free to contact us for large order pricing.

Yes! Please contact us for specific rates on ‘all preserved’ orders outside of US. Our items will be inspected by customs and therefore shipping times will take longer than normal. All Duty fees and VAT are responsibility of customer determined by region..

All returned items must be postmarked within 7 days of receiving your item for a full refund minus shipping costs. You are also required to pay the return shipping. Please insure the piece as you are responsible for returning the item in new condition. If it arrives damaged a refund may be refused.