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Best Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

October 31, 2022 3 min read

low maintenance indoor plants

Indoor Greenery for those with a Black Thumb!

Do you love having greenery and nature in your home or office but aren't sure how or maybe you just don't have the time to care for them?

Having greenery or nature in your home or office has been proven to improve mood. It could also potentially improve your productivity - plus, it’ll make your space far more beautiful to look at!

But what if you’re just no good with plants? Keeping certain plants alive can be tough. You have to get it just right; just enough light, just enough water, and just enough TLC to keep them going. Not enough or too much and you can kiss your beautiful new plant goodbye!

5 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Plus, the best indoor plant alternative for your black thumb!

Here are a few suggestions for indoor plants to help you to perk up your home or office space with very little care!

Aloe Vera


Aloe is a beautiful plant that thrives in dry conditions, making it very easy to look after. This succulent loves bright light, and can even be moved outside during summertime if you like, where it will thrive the most. Aloe goes dormant in winter, meaning it needs even less care than usual.

Mother In Law’s Tongue


You should probably try this one out for the name alone! This hardy plant needs only very little direct light, and you should only have to water it once every 2 weeks. Read more about this gorgeous plant here.

Christmas Cactus


The Christmas Cactus prefers mostly bright but indirect light, but it can also thrive in low light spots. You only need to water it when the soil has dried out, so you don’t have to fret too much about watering regularly. It usually flowers around Thanksgiving/Christmas time, hence the name. You can also make sure there are flowers at Christmas with a few tricks.

Peace Lily


The Peace Lily prefers low, indirect light. This Lily can grow well in an office or on a windowsill, making it a great plant for either home or office. Give this plant a lot of water at once and then dry out in between watering, so it really is super easy to care for. You’ll also know when the plant needs to be watered, indicated by drooping leaves. Oh, and it’s also one of the best air-purifying house plants around!



Jade thrives in dry, warm conditions. It can go weeks without watering and only needs moderate light to grow. It also only needs to be repotted every few years. There’s a couple things to remember with these pretty plants but overall it’s fairly simple!

Artisan Moss Preserved Moss Art

A beautiful, low maintenance indoor plant option!low-maintenance-plants-by-artisan-moss

Artisan Moss botanical art could be the solution if you're looking for low maintenance indoor plants!

Preserved plants are the perfect no-maintenance solution to having greenery indoors. Artisan Moss uses sustainably sourced and naturally preserved real moss, ferns and other plants… never synthetic. The plants look and feel alive with soft textures, flexibility and vibrant colors, maintaining their natural shapes and details. Our Preserved plant paintings as well as our collection of preserved moss potted plants and planter boxes don’t need the care and maintenance of live plants, yet they stay green and look just like live plants.

It’s a simple solution for all the failed gardeners out there: liven up your space with natural elements the easy way, and give a black thumbs-up to effortlessly green walls!

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