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What is Green Wall Art?

October 31, 2022 3 min read

large moss walls - indoor


A simple definition of Green Wall Art:

Green wall art, is essentially any wall art that incorporates green elements like plants, moss or ferns - living or preserved. There are many types of moss, ferns and other natural elements that we use in our art to form a natural creation that when installed or hung on the wall, can truly transform your space.

We create moss walls that cover your wall from floor to ceiling, we can wrap our designs around pillars or in foyers. We also design framed pieces, shop our green wall art collection to see some examples. Big or small, this unique wall art adds a wow factor to virtually any living or working space. It can make an incredible first impression on guests, friends, relatives, clients, interviewees and investors alike, enhancing their mood and overall perception of your business.

Green art boosts your mental health


Did you know that access to plants, trees and greenery are important in maintaining mental health and keeping depression at bay? Studies show that not only can art that incorporates natural elements provide a positive boost to mental health, a 2015 study by the Journal Of Environmental Psychology also demonstrated that just 40 seconds of exposure to nature can help to aid concentration and focus, thereby reducing workplace distraction and boosting productivity.

Brings nature into your space.

There are many benefits to adding natural wall art to your home or working environment. If you run a business or simply want to install something beautiful and distinctive in your home, living wall art a great option.

Living v s. Preserved

Living Green Art:

Green wall art that is made from live plants is often referred to as a Living art or a living wall. These are popular, but they require a lot of maintenance. Living art can last (at least in theory) about 25 years. However, a great deal of care and attention is required. Most pieces require more care and maintenance than the average house plant requiring water, fertilizer, proper drainage and access to sunlight or artificial grow lights. Reinforced walls may also be required to support the weight of the living plants. It can be difficult to give these impressive pieces the TLC that they deserve, especially in a busy workplace.

Preserved Plants for Art:


Artisan Moss has developed a simplified solution for green wall art. The great thing about our moss art is that it provides all the mood and cognition-boosting benefits of living art, without requiring the time and money to care for living walls. That's right! Not one of our pieces from our kokedama hanging moss balls right through to our gigantic custom made moss walls requires a drop of water or a ray of sunlight.

Custom Green Wall Art by Artisan Moss

This is because the natural preservative process that we use keeps the plants in our pieces looking (and feeling) as though they're alive while also ensuring that they are completely zero maintenance. Read more about how to care for an Artisan Moss plant painting.

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