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Botanical Art: Kokedama, Plant Paintings, Moss Walls

October 31, 2022 4 min read

botanical art for your home

'I think that I shall never see. A poem lovely as a tree'. -Joyce Kilmer Those words by Joyce Kilmer are as well known and beloved today as they were when they were first written published in 1913. For centuries the beautiful language of nature inspires artists and scientists alike. It's also a well established fact that proximity to plants, trees and flowers can instill us with a sense of vitality, positivity and wellbeing. In fact, a 2015 study by Stanford University proved fairly conclusively that access to nature is a great mood booster and can help lower your risk of depression. What's more, according to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, proximity to nature can also improve productivity.

Moss, definitely!

Unfortunately, in the modern world it can be hard to get the access to the nature that our brains crave so desperately. Which is why botanical art in the form of hanging moss balls, plant paintings or moss walls can be such a benefit. Moss art works both for the home and the office (or the home office for freelancers who wage a constant battle to keep their productivity on point). Each of our Plant Paintings are unique, modern and will bring relaxation and nature to any space. Join us as we take a tour of our stunning pieces for commercial and residential use. We can customize our creations to your exact specifications.

Kokedama: Hanging Moss Balls

An elegant Japanese-style bonsai, known as kokedama, literally translates as "moss ball". The kokedama collection is eye catching yet unobtrusive. It is the perfect choice for the home or a diminutive office space. They are very versatile, you can hang them or place them on virtually any surface. Whether you're looking for a statement piece for your home office or a unique gift for a loved one, our kokedama balls are preserved to make them a zero-maintenance alternative to living kokedama. These exquisite moss balls are designed to be as beautiful and unique as it is versatile. Our wide range includes;
  • Kokedama bear grass hanging moss balls
  • Kokedama featherleaf fern hanging moss balls
  • Kokedama grassy fern hanging moss balls
  • Kokedama pine fern hanging moss balls

Shop The Kokedama Collection

Plant Paintings

There's nothing more gratifying than being able to lose yourself in an exquisite piece of art. Whether it hangs above your mantlepiece at home and draws admiring glances from visitors and guests or hangs proudly as a statement piece on the walls of your business or workplace, art is a gift that keeps on giving. When you invest in one of our gorgeous plant paintings, however, you get the cognitive benefits of art with the mood boosting properties of nature. Take a stroll through our indoor garden of wonderful pieces which can make any living or working place spring to life with the glory of nature combined with the beauty and intrigue of art.

Moss and Fern Paintings

This moss art uses ferns to add dimension in neat and compact reclaimed wood frames which showcase their beauty. Incorporating lighter ferns to more dense moss gives depth and contrast. We offer a variety of sizes that can bring nearly every living or working space to life with our moss and fern paintings. Take a quick escape into nature while you work or give a welcoming greeting in your home's hallway or lobby. Despite their vivid colors and natural appearance, our moss and fern plant paintings are absolutely zero maintenance. They do not require water or sunlight. Our natural preservative process enables our beautiful plant paintings to retain their soft and pleasant textures without requiring any maintenance whatsoever. Wherever you choose to hang your moss and fern paintings, the juxtaposition of textures and unassuming natural beauty of these gorgeous plants is sure to provide a splash of color, elegance and sophistication to any space.

Moss with Wood

Our natural wood branch plant paintings provide all the beauty and vibrancy of our moss and fern designs with the added natural flair of red and white natural wood branches to create a stark visual contrast and add to the beauty and intrigue of the piece. Like a bolt of lightning illuminating a verdant sky, these pieces are a striking presence on any wall. Their audacious design juxtaposed with the biological materials used make our natural wood branch pieces a perfect statement piece that will wow guests, employees, clients, customers and just about anyone else who lays eyes on them. What's more, our enormous variety of shapes and sizes will ensure that you'll find the perfect piece for your space. Needless to say, our natural wood branch pieces are naturally preserved and virtually zero maintenance. We make all of our plant paintings as you order and we strive to keep their production from start to finish within your timeframe.

Moss Walls

For those hoping to make the ultimate first impression, nothing adds wow factor to your lobby, office, restaurant or boardroom like a custom moss wall design. Our unique and one-of-a-kind moss walls are custom-made to suit your residential or commercial space. They create a beautiful experience which will impress your clients and give your business and energetic start every day.
Creating a moss wall a couple stories high to add a pop of natural color and texture to this modern, airy, open office interior space.

Just take a look at the scale and variety of moss wall art creations of what can be achieved with our design. Our designers will work collaboratively with you to create something unique and beautiful. We want to align with the values and ideology of your brand. Artisan Moss walls bring the beauty and pleasure of the natural world but require almost no maintenance.

Incorporate Botanical Art to your Life!

We can work with you on a custom moss design that is perfect for your space. Or feel free to shop the online store to find something in stock! Get in touch with us today to see how we can transform your space!

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